What is a Mini Session?

Mini sessions get bad reps because of the misconceptions attached to them. Mini sessions are generally 10 to 20 minutes long, offer a small number of images, and typically have a set theme and location. Because they tend to be specific, people also have misconceptions about how they work.

  1. There's not enough time.
  2. We won't get quality images.
  3. I am camera-shy.

The irony of being a photographer is that I am also camera-shy. That is why mini-sessions are perfect for those who are also camera-shy. You are only in front of my camera for a short amount of time. Because of our limited time, I prepare a couple of days before your sessions by composing a list of prompts to help draw out those genuine emotions. This list of prompts makes the session run smoothly and efficiently, allowing enough time to capture all the quality photos you want.

I offer mini-sessions multiple times a year. Cookies with Santa are the most popular. These sessions are typically 10 minutes long, interactive, and people receive no less than 15 images.

Other mini-sessions:

🔝These minis all have a similar structure. They are quick, unique, and interactive. I provide you with a preview of the session either from past sessions or with a promo shoot a few weeks before the session begins. They are all less than 20 minutes long. The outcome is as good as a regular session.


Five Reasons to Book a Mini Session



Who's attention span is longer? Our kids or our significant others, more specifically men? Sorry fellas, but in the photography world you all get a bad rep for not loving family pictures. Minis are short and sweet, making them the perfect length to avoid any hiccups, regardless of who's throwing a fit.




Minis are a fraction of the time and a fraction of the price. This means you can capture different seasons of your life throughout the year for an affordable price. Especially for those who have children and want to capture milestones.



The best part of minis is that they offer setups or locations that are not common. Minis allow the photographer to have more creative control overall. Mini sessions are our time to shine.



Less Stress

Let's be honest organizing and planning family pictures or any kind of session is stressful. With mini sessions all you have to do is get ready and show up. Everything is planned out for you all you have to do is show up!


Just a Few

Mini sessions are great for those of you who "just need a few". images. It's great for those of you who want to refresh your LinkedIn or website bio, influencers, holiday cards, want a self esteem boost, or just because.